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Kitchen Design
Maidstone, Kent

Are you looking for a professional kitchen design in Maidstone? Our kitchen installation experts offer a bespoke design and fitting services for Maidstone and the surrounding areas in Kent.

If you're from the Maidstone area and in need of a company to help you design your perfect kitchen, look no further. At Maple Leaf Home Improvements, we have the skills and experience to ensure your kitchen project goes the way it should do.

We have over 20 years of experience in helping our customers design their dream kitchens. Please take a look at our fantastic kitchen showroom, which displays years of work and thousands of stunning designs and appliances. 

We are always happy to help when you need us.

One of the best things about working with our designers is that they genuinely listen to what you would like to have in your kitchen'we as a company design all our bespoke kitchens to our customer's specifications.

This way of designing kitchens allows our customers to have their dream kitchens. If you are an avid cook, having your kitchen designed by us is a sure-fire way of having every element you would like and nothing you don't want.

We understand that all our customers are different, so we make kitchens that suit you and no one else. We can help you design your perfect kitchen and add all the style features you would like.


At Maple Leaf Home Improvements, we have pride in the efficient kitchen fitting processes that we utilise during the building stage that make the journey to your dream kitchen completely hassle-free.

Our team of professionals are highly dedicated to ensuring the project runs smoothly at all times and causes you no disruptions from the design stage right up to installation and completion. We are incredibly skilled and qualified in all our specialist areas, and we will see to each section with the most attention to detail. 

The staff on our team will take sufficient care of all disposal duties for every aspect, including gas plumbing, tiling or any form of flooring, safe electrical work, and any old kitchen unit or cabinetry. We carry out our work to the safest and highest industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction every time.


Our professional designers are fully qualified and have the experience to aid you in creating a brand new kitchen layout plan that suits the overall theme of your home. In working with you so closely, we get to know you and your taste down to a tee, and that helps us provide and create innovative, stunning concepts based on all your ideas and wants. 

 Whether you wish to choose a more popular modern design, or something thoroughly contemporary and abstract, we are happy to help curate whatever great ideas and requirements are in your head and bring them to life.  

Our professionals are well versed in the latest technology used to design projects of any scale, and we can use these high-tech devices that display exactly what the layout of your brand new kitchen will look like when we have finished and the process of the work. 

 That way, when we hand over your beautiful, unique new kitchen renovation, extension or remodel, there are no nasty surprises when you witness your completed job for the first time. 

 Be sure to tell us precisely what you envision for your new kitchen, and our friendly staff will do the utmost to find solid solutions that are suitable and stylish. 

How we bring your kitchen to life  

There are various ways our designers and fitters can bring new life into your brand-new kitchen renovation. We can do so by introducing new appliances, fitted doors, units, a wide range of flooring styles, decoration like painting, wallpapering and wall removal, curating an island in the middle of your kitchen space, etc. 

Professionals can take many routes to achieve customer satisfaction and a whole new appearance for your home. One of the most crucial aspects of designing is the colour palette that you and your designers choose. An effective combination of colours can provide light and life to your new kitchen renovation, allowing the space to shine and appear more sophisticated or energetic depending on the emotion or feeling you wish to evoke.    Colour affects the room's mood dramatically; red can increase appetite and quicken the heart rate, yellows, especially low-tones, can evoke happiness. Work closely and chat with our design and installation team to determine your themes and any ideas you have. They can provide efficient advice that will ensure you create the aesthetics most suitable. Our company is associated with numerous manufacturers and suppliers that can help us supply stunning appliances and design accents to enhance your kitchen life for you and your family.  


 Feel free to view our collection of modern style designs for your kitchen. Our staff specialise in installing the finest contemporary kitchens, alongside some gorgeous renditions of traditional and more classic kitchen designs. Our independent kitchen fitting company is the business to consult if you search for high-quality installation jobs and large scale projects with stunning modern designs to suit any home.


 You can take the time to browse from our latest classic kitchens collection. It carefully combines a wide variety of gorgeous designs and excellent craftsmanship to provide our customers and clients with a timeless appearance and creativity that never goes out of style. Suppose you are searching for beautiful bespoke designs for your new kitchen, apartment complex or household property; we have plans to suit every theme and personal taste.     

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Look no further than Maple Leaf Home Improvements Ltd if you are seeking a brand-new beautiful kitchen design in the Kent, London area. We'll bring you high-quality kitchen fitting and specialists guaranteed to please those within our postcode and surrounding locations.

Give us a call today, and we'll happily respond with a free quote and any planning advice or information you require.

Kitchen Fitting Kent

If you would like our help with designing your kitchen, then please do get in touch. We will be happy to help you create your perfect space. Before making a start on your kitchen project, we always recommend the best materials to use.

If you are looking for Kitchen Design in Maidstone, get in touch today. Call 01622 737 439 for bespoke design and kitchen fitting services for Maidstone and Kent. Visit our website for further contact details.