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GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation to ensure data protection of EU citizens. All businesses operating within EU member states need to comply with the GDPR regulations or face a penalty. 

This statement confirms that our website is GDPR compliant. To read more about how our website manages personal data, please click the links below.

What is GDPR?

In April 2016, The European Parliament replaced the outdated 1995 data protection directive with GDPR. The policy is designed to ensure protection for personal data and privacy of citizens making transactions within the EU. The GDPR also applies to personal data exported to outside of the EU.

The type of private data that GDPR protects includes:

  • Identity data such as ID numbers, name and address 
  • Web data such as IP address, location, RFID tags and cookie data
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ethnic and racial data
  • Genetic and Health data
  • Political persuasion
  • Biometric data

Why was the GDPR Introduced?

GDPR was introduced following concerns by the public over how their private data is used. With the internet becoming a more prominent marketplace for business transactions, the previous  Data Protection Directive had become obsolete. The GDPR addresses how information is collected, stored and transferred by new business entities.